One Step Closer to Home Capital Campaign – Impact


The new facility is designed to accomplish two primary objectives: 1) it will deepen supportive services and ensure all families have easy and consistent access to a full range of counseling and support; and 2) it will enable Bethany House to serve more families every year. It will be more than just a shelter—it will be a place of refuge, support, security, and community. By building a new family homeless shelter, we will help create long-term positive impact, not only for the parents and children we serve but across the entire Greater Cincinnati community. Our goals for the new service center include:

1. Serve More Families

  • Reduce the average length of stay for families in shelter
  • Serve 100 additional families—reaching more than 1,000 families annually across all programs
  • Provide “overflow” space to meet the need during peak times

2. Deepen Support Services

  • Provide effective communal-style and trauma-informed design
  • Expand on-site service offerings for families: healthcare, employment services, counseling, and educational programming for children and adults
  • Improve access to programs and provide 24/7 safety, security, and support for all families
  • Improve quality of shelter facilities

3. Create Positive Outcomes

  • Increase number of families reaching long-term stability
  • Minimize trauma and improve long-term outcomes for children
  • Reduce the cycle of generational homelessness in the community