Other Programs & Services

Case Management 

During their stay in a BHS shelter, parents receive comprehensive case management. Case managers meet with families as soon as possible after they have entered the shelter and begin the process of identifying barriers to achieving housing as well as reinforcing the positive attributes and resources of the family. The case manager guides the family through the process of developing a comprehensive, reality-based plan for ensuring a secure future in stable housing.


Child/Parent Program

BHS programs address the multi-generational aspect of family homelessness by providing parents with the skills for positive parenting and by teaching children to make healthy choices.

The Positive Parenting, Family Nights, and Nutrition, Health and Safety programs provide parent-child activities and promote stronger relationships in addition to the core content. Families participate in a Stranger Danger program designed to reduce the high rates of abuse among homeless and economically disadvantaged children. Bethany House staff emphasize the importance of education and regular school attendance, which is vital if the multi-generational cycle of poverty and homelessness is to be broken.


Life Skills

In combination with one-on-one case management support, Life Skills group programs provide a foundation for prevention of future episodes of homelessness. These educational sessions are taught by experts from the community and BHS staff. Speakers address topics such as financial literacy, budgeting, parenting, developing healthy relationships, healthy choices, nutrition, yoga and tenants’ rights. Job-related skills such as resume writing and interviewing are also taught.