Here at Bethany House Services we have three different areas our staff works from. Here is a list of our staff and where you can reach them.



Alona Ballard, Life Skills Facilitator

Bernita Bell, Shelter Case Manager

Michelle Christian, Shelter Intern

Rebecca Christner, Shelter Intern

Janice Clay, Assistant Shelter Director

Kirk Culver, Shelter Cook & Assistant

Gwen Green, Shelter Director

Debbie Hawkins, Shelter Case Manager

Denise Hill, Child/Parent Coordinator

Deborah Jackson, On-Call Social Service Worker

Cierra Jamison, Social Services Worker

Kierra Jenkins, Social Services Worker

Karen Johnson, Social Services Worker

Sandy Johnson, Social Services Worker

Cynthia Kimber, Shelter Case Manager

LaDeirdre Mango, Shelter Case Manager

Cassandra Mills, Shelter Cook & Assistant

Lana Phillips, Social Services Worker

Monique Robinson, Off-Site Resident Assistant/Social Services Worker

Angie Strobel, Case Manager

Ebony Young, Social Services Worker


Social Services

Kymjetta Carr, Rapid ReHousing Case Manager

Becky Dabbelt, Housing Specialist Assistant

Kim Frederick, Mental Health Clinician

Taryn Frymire, Housing Director

Astrid Garcia Hernandez, Permanent Supportive Housing CM

Evan Hennessy, Housing Specialist

Grecia Howard, Housing Case Manager

Paula Moore, Housing Specialist

Sara Nesbit, Shelter/Housing Case Manager

Linda Tate, Rapid ReHousing Case Manager

Watoiya Williams, Diversion Case Manager

Anthony Winters, Rapid ReHousing Case Manager



Brianna Arsenault, Administration Intern

Mary Brown, Human Resources Director

Kelly Freyler, Finance Director

Laura Johnson, Donor Database & Research Associate

Linda Klems, Staff Accountant/Property Manager

Barb Tuchfarber, Grants Coordinator

Susan Schiller, Executive Director

Lisa Siegel, Office & Volunteer Manager



Claudia Howell, Kidz Zone Assistant

Clarence Young, Resident Assistant/Bethany Homes Property Manager