2023 Holiday Programs

Every year Bethany House hosts programs to ensure that families have a bright holiday season.

In 2022, generous sponsors “adopted” hundreds of families and dozens of children were served from Winter Wonderland. Below are this years program options. We hope that you will consider creating a holiday miracle for a Bethany House family this year.

  1. Adopt-A-Family: Adopt-A-Family is Bethany House’s most well-known holiday program. This program is for families that are in one of our housing programs. As a sponsor, you would “adopt” a family (or families) and provide the presents from their wish list to ensure a joyful holiday.
    • Family TBD: There are families that will enter a housing program between now and December, and we want to also help these families have a great holiday. Because we don’t know the family’s exact make-up just yet, there are “TBD” families on the sign-up list. Your sponsorship will help us have presents ready for families we haven’t met yet.
  2. Winter Wonderland: Winter Wonderland is a one-day program designed for emergency shelter families. Parents can “shop” for presents, have help wrapping them by volunteers, and ready to be delivered from Santa on Christmas morning. As a sponsor, you will provide the presents that parents can choose from for their children’s holiday gifts.
  3. Bethany Basics: When a family leaves shelter, they receive a Bethany Basics Basket. This basket contains items that families need to establish their new homes, such as bedding, bathroom supplies, kitchen equipment, cleaning, supplies, and more!

Please click here to head to Sign Up Genius to choose which initiative you’d like to support. You will also find copies of our “Family Holiday Program: Sponsorship 101” guides for sponsors.  We hope that you will find these guides informative, and that they will answer any questions you may have regarding sponsorship.

In order to preserve the dignity of our families, their full identity will not be revealed. Once you sign up, you will be assigned a Coordinator from Bethany House who will contact you regarding the wish list of the family you are sponsoring, directions for labels, drop off and delivery instructions, and to answer any questions you may have.

Drop off location: 4769 Reading Rd.

Drop off dates:
Thursday, December 7 4pm-7pm
Friday, December 8 4pm-7pm
Saturday, December 9 9am-12pm
Sunday, December 10 9am-12pm
Thursday, December 14 4pm-7pm
Friday, December 15 4pm-7pm

Thank you for your consideration and support. If you have any questions, please reach out to Morgan Griffey at 513-824-8044 or mgriffey@bhsinc.org.