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Do you want to empower at-risk families  who are experiencing homelessness?  Then check us out!

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Looking for an exciting opportunity where you can make a difference in the community? Bethany House Services (BHS) provides services to more than half of the homeless and at-risk families in Hamilton County. Our services include emergency shelter for homeless families, case management, post shelter support, and housing. We are committed to breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty and homeless through comprehensive programming for homeless children while in shelter.


This position is responsible in providing our students with the academic support they need for supporting and coordinating the education program for Shelter children, which is designed to help our children between the ages 5-12 in whatever subject, they are having difficulty.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of materials.
  • Monitor student work and supervise curriculum-based testing.
  • Support the school teacher(s), parent and children with their classwork
  • Devise new methods of teaching if the child is having trouble learning through the virtual method.
  • Design workshops for the children so that they can learn better in different atmosphere than school.
  • Monitor the student’s progress by maintaining a report about each child.
  • Stay in contact with the teacher and the parents of the child, and they have to share information about the child
  • Assess learning disorders and report them to the parents and the teacher


  • BA in Education or a specialization in the subject teaching or
  • Student Tutor working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • Paraprofessional working in the education field
  • Experience: Experience in working with at-risk children is a plus
  • Knowledge and Skills: Must be able to work in/with a virtual educational environment.  Must possess excellent communication skills, so they can interact with the child
  • Must be able to complete a criminal background check and drug test.
  • Must be able to follow COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

Qualified candidates should submit their resumes to

 Mary Bennett Brown, Human Resources Director

Bethany House Services

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